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Tundra Restaurant, Toronto: Reviews

145 Richmond Street W
Entertainment District
Toronto, ON
(416) 860 - 6800
Cuisine: Casual
Event: Summerlicious 2014
7 review(s)
0Average Wait
$40 - $54Average Price

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5 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2011-08-31
Lunch with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
2Food 9Service 7Atmosphere
Great service. However, there was a fly in my salad. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium, it was prepared beyond well done and it was cold. For my dessert, I opted with cookies and cream. The cookies were so hard I couldn't bite or break them with my utensils. My server was extremely pleasant and apologetic. But, I'll never eat there again!

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5 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2011-02-06
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
7Food 7Service 2Atmosphere
Very open concept in the lobby of the hotel. While I was there a group of six kids kept running back and forth and through the lobby in and out of the restaurant. No one said anything to the parents. I was going to but I was trying to keep a classy night for my wife going. So the noise was a problem. Oh, and the waiter who dropped a massive fart while walking through the aisle kind of soured the mood too.

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10 Reviewed by (Age Over 60) on 2009-12-27
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
10Food 10Service 8Atmosphere
I had dinner at the Tundra on Christmas Eve and particularly enjoyed the service (which was drawn out at my request to fill our extended time available)as well as the food. I have never been a fan of Peking Duck... I most certainly am now!! As well as the dinner is the great simplicity of being able to book reservations over the internet... As for the ambiance... well, no I think the place is a little stark, but there you go.. Naturally I will return... who wouldn't...

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8 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2009-07-13
Dinner with a party of 10+; waited 0 minute(s).
8Food 9Service 8Atmosphere
Just been to their summerlicious dinner last night. Their appetizers were very good, both the tuna and the salad were delicious. The mains (we tried steak and black cod) were only so-so, mainly due the weird taste and saltiness of the sauce. The mango/coconut pudding dessert was good, but the raspberry sauce definitely didn't go well with the chocolate mousse... most of my friends were unsatisfied with that one. The atmosphere was quiet and nice... and service was very good as well.

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10 Reviewed by (Age 19 - 25) on 2008-07-10
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
10Food 10Service 10Atmosphere
My experience going to this restaurant was phenomenal. I don't hesitate to say that they have absolutely the best steak ever. It was grilled to perfection, very tender and juicy. Excellent service provided by our waiter, Kevin. Atmosphere was very nice, quiet and romantic. Did not have to wait to be seated. The staff there was very professional. Definitely would recommend it for a nice dinner date with your special someone!

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9 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2008-07-09
Dinner with a party of 6; waited 0 minute(s).
9Food 7Service 10Atmosphere
Everything was great until we got the bill. We were not asked on how we wanted the bill presented and were left with a bill split 6 ways which was rediculous - since some people didn't have extra expenses for alcohol etc. Make sure to specify when you first sit down!! Otherwise the summerilicious menu was great.

Visit again? Maybe

10 Reviewed by (Age 19 - 25) on 2006-07-11
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
10Food 10Service 10Atmosphere
If you're looking for a great place to go for a date.. this is it. The food is phenomenal. The chef is internationally acclaimed and it shows in his food. Oddly enough though, usually this place isn't packed. In fact, there's usually no one there. However, I guarantee you that you will have a good time. Because it always feels like you have the whole restaurant to yourself, the knowledgeable staff, the free amuse bouche (and sometimes wine), and the great food.. this is an excellent restaurant. If you do go, make sure you save room for the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.

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