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Baton Rouge, Mississauga: Reviews

5860 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON
(905) 567 - 1190
Cuisine: Casual
Menu: See menu
6 review(s)
5Average Wait
$25 - $39Average Price

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3 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2012-03-29
Dinner with a party of 4; waited 10 minute(s).
7Food 2Service 2Atmosphere
The food was great, however the service was absolutely horrible

Visit again? No

5 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2010-08-23
Dinner with a party of 5; waited 15 minute(s).
5Food 2Service 10Atmosphere
Used to go there quite often. The managers used to walk around and checking the service. Last 2 times went on Saturday night, only a third full. We had to beg for water, wine and water was not refilled. Food was luke warm. Service was the pits. Has this changed hands? Am NOT going back again

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1 Reviewed by (Age 19 - 25) on 2008-02-17
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
7Food 1Service 2Atmosphere
I ate at Baton Rouge twice. I came back a second time because I found the food pretty good in spite of the price. However, I am never stepping back there ever again nor would I recommend this place. The only time I plan to go back there is to give the manager and employees a very very good lashing for the most despicable service ever.

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7 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2007-05-20
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 5 minute(s).
8Food 6Service 4Atmosphere
There was about a 5 minute wait to get seated at this restaurant. The service was slow. We had to wait a long time between drink and meal orders. The atmosphere was terrible. Very noisy. The food was decent, portions were large. The waiters were so-so.

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8 Reviewed by (Age 19 - 25) on 2006-08-01
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
8Food 8Service 7Atmosphere
This restaurant stands on its own in heart land, but it surprisingly fills up very quickly. Our service was fairly quick. My only complaint was that while other tables got water right away, we had to ask for our water. The portions here are huge, but so are the prices. They should reduce the portion sizes and the prices to even things out. As for the atmosphere, the place looks nice, but the accostics are a bit weird, and it makes it hard to hear your waiter talk to you.

Visit again? Maybe

7 Reviewed by (Age 40 - 59) on 2006-08-01
Dinner with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
8Food 7Service 6Atmosphere
The food is very good. I had some back ribs that were so tender that they fell off the bones. The sauce with them was excellent. The service was mixed as I did not receive a salad that was supposed to come with my meal and water was hard to come by. The acoustics are so bad that it was difficult to hear our waiter talk. Although the food is good,it is expensive and the value just isn't there

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