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Viet Thai Restaurant, Mississauga: Reviews

1675 The Chase
Mississauga, ON
(905) 828 - 6668
Cuisine: Asian
5 review(s)
0.2Average Wait
$5 - $14Average Price

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9 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2009-12-16
Dinner with a party of 6; waited 0 minute(s).
10Food 9Service 9Atmosphere
The foods at Viet Thai is very good because I have peanuts allergic and I can enjoy my foods there. They can avoid peanuts on all my foods. On another side, they can avoid alot of things if you are allergic but you have to let the waitrees know and they can do it for you. That is the great things of this resturant.

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10 Reviewed by (Age 40 - 59) on 2009-12-12
Dinner with a party of 4; waited 0 minute(s).
10Food 10Service 10Atmosphere
My family went to viet thai resturant to have a dinner last week. The foods there is very good and very tasty. The foods are service is very quickly and very friendly service. That is nice resturant for family dinner and not expensive to eat.

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8 Reviewed by (Age 40 - 59) on 2006-06-22
Lunch with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
9Food 8Service 5Atmosphere
The food is great. The egg rolls are fantastic!! The shakes are even better. It hard making a choice as the menu is fairly long. The noodle bowls are good. In fact there is not one thing I have had that is not good

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8 Reviewed by (Age 26 - 39) on 2006-06-17
Lunch with a party of 2; waited 1 minute(s).
8Food 7Service 6Atmosphere
This place is in an odd location. The atmoshere is very noisy, cause each time someone moves the chair, you can hear it all over the restaurant.... so they need carpeting or something. The food wasn't too bad, better than Chinese. The food preperation was quick considering how busy it was during the lunch hour. The tea was nasty though...I hate tea. Oh and parking is terrible....unless you don't mind parking in a tight lot.

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8 Reviewed by (Age 19 - 25) on 2006-06-12
Lunch with a party of 2; waited 0 minute(s).
9Food 7Service 7Atmosphere
The food here is fantastic! You have to be able to find something on the menu, because the menu is about 15 pages long! Try their strawberry shakes, they are great. Sometimes the service is a bit slow, but the servers are always very kind! It's a great local restaurant.

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